Baby Comfit Review

It is winter and getting colder every day! Keeping my 7 month old warm can be difficult. He moves all around, that baby never stays still! Clothes move around, skin gets exposed. I constantly worry he is too cold. Baby Comfit was designed by a mom who had the same worries. Baby Comfit is an under-all pants, similar to coveralls.

Baby Comfit is meant to be worn under cloths, as the first layer of clothing. Baby Comfit covers baby’s back, chest and stomach, legs and feet. Baby Comfit has three snaps at the shoulders. This allows Baby Comfit to grow with baby. Baby Comfit has feet, which I love! On the feet there are grippies so baby won’t slip on the ground. I love that Baby Comfit eliminates the need for socks, which easily slip off. If I do use socks with Baby Comfit I love that I do not have to worry about baby’s ankle or lower leg being exposed and getting cold!

Baby Comfit comes in two sizes, 0-9 months and 9-18 months. My 7 month old is huge. He wears 12-18 month clothes. We received the navy blue 9-18 month size of Baby Comfit and it fits perfectly. There is room for my baby to grow! Baby Comfit is perfect for the winter!

Baby Comfit is super soft! It is not thick so it does not add bulk to baby’s clothes. Baby Comfit is similar to a thicker tights material. Baby Comfit is 80% cotton, 15% polyester and 5% spandex. Baby Comfit is super stretchy which makes it easy to put on baby. Baby Comfit is machine washable and can go in the dryer! This is definitely a must for baby clothes.

Baby Comfit is perfect under dresses, pants, onsies, outfits, anything baby wears! It is stretchy which means I can comfortably have my baby wear Baby Comfit while I am wearing him in a baby carrier. Baby Comfit stretches with baby and does not constrict his legs or feet. The perfect way to add warmth without adding discomfort!

Diaper changes with Baby Comfit are pretty easy. I pull down baby’s pants or unsnap them, reach under baby’s shirt or onsie and unsnap the shoulders of the Baby Comfit, pull down the Baby Comfit and change the diaper. I then pull the Baby Comfit back up, re snap them, snap the onsie or outfit, or pull up baby’s pants.

You can purchase Baby Comfit online for $29.95. Baby Comfit currently comes in four colors, grey, pink, navy blue and ivory. Right now if you use code WINTER you will receive 30% any purchase!




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