Baby BUM Brush Review

I know, I know, you are thinking, what the heck is a Baby BUM Brush? It sounds silly and surely I don’t need it. It may sound silly, but I assure you, you DO need it! A Baby BUM Brush is a BPA free, soft silicone brush used to apply diaper cream to your baby’s bum! I know, you’re thinking, Hey I have fingers for that! Yes, yes you do. But how dirty are those fingers? Do you wash your hands every. single. time. BEFORE you change your baby’s diaper? I know I don’t. I might intend to wash my hands before and after every diaper change, but I can tell you with certainty, that doesn’t always happen.


Baby BUM Brush is better than your fingers because it does not have bacteria on it. Our hands have so much bacteria on them and when we dip our fingers into out baby’s bum cream, we transfer that bacteria into the cream. Then we put spread the cream, and bacteria, onto our baby’s bum then closed the lid on the diaper cream container. Let the bacteria party! The Baby BUM Brush eliminated the transfer of bacteria from our hands into the diaper cream and onto our baby’s bum. Plus, diaper cream is always a pain to wash off. And, no matter how much soap I use or how many times I wash my hands, they always seem to have a lingering scent of baby cream. Every cream I have used, and I’ve used many, leaves a lingering scent on my hands. I already smell like baby spit up, left over food and whatever else my children have wiped on me, I don’t want to smell like diaper cream too!

The Baby BUM Brush is super soft and very flexible. It is very easy to use your Baby BUM Brush. Simply dip your Baby BUM Brush in your cream or squeeze some cream out of its tube onto the brush and gently brush it on your baby’s bum. My favorite feature of the Baby BUM Brush is the suction cup on the bottom. When I am done brushing on the diaper cream I suction my Baby BUM Brush to the changing table and finish with the diaper change. No more holding a wiggling baby on the changing table while I struggle to wipe all the diaper cream off my fingers before touching anything. The suction cup on the bottom of the Baby BUM Brush firmly holds my Baby BUM Brush in place while I finish changing Baby Sister’s diaper. This is also a great way to store my Baby BUM Brush when I am not using it. Upright, suctioned to the changing table. That way it doesn’t get dirty and I don’t lose it. To clean Baby BUM Brush I simply wipe it off with a baby wipe AFTER I have finished the diaper change!

Not only does the Baby BUM Brush keep your fingers free of diaper cream, keep your baby’s diaper cream (and your baby’s bum) free of bacteria, it also helps apply a thicker, even layer of diaper cream to your baby’s bum. Apply your baby’s diaper cream smoother, thicker and quicker with Baby BUM Brush.


The Baby BUM Brush might be a small item, but it makes a BIG difference. Every diaper cream container should come with a Baby BUM Brush. Every parent should try a Baby BUM Brush! Seriously, it is that wonderful! Goodbye smelly diaper cream hands, hello hygienic Baby BUM Brush. Your baby will thank you.

The Baby BUM Brush currently comes in four colors, blue, green, orange and pink. You can purchase your Baby Bum Brush  online in a single pack for $7.99 or a two pack for $12.99.

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