Ardo USA Calypso Double Breast Pump Review

I am so excited to present a new (new to me) breast pump. Ardo USA is a Swiss company that has a wonderful line of breast pumps. Today I am reviewing the Ardo USA Calypso Double Breast Pump. The Ardo USA Calypso is a closed system breast pump. This means there is a barrier between the breast milk and the tubing, preventing breastmilk from entering the tubing and the pump motor. This keeps your breastmilk clean and pure.

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Ardo USA Calypso is a double breast pump. This means you can pump both breasts at once. You do have the option of pumping one breast at a time as well. Ardo USA Calypso is a small, lightweight breast pump. Ardo USA Calypso weighs 1 pound. Ardo USA Calypso can be plugged in to an outlet or batteries can be used for an on the go experience. I have not used my Ardo USA Calypso on the go.

Ardo USA Calypso has 64 total settings, insuring you always have the best setting for you at that particular time. Ardo USA Calypso has 8 suction strengths (vacuum) and 8 frequency settings (cycles). Ardo USA Calypso is very compact and very quiet. Ardo USA Calypso is one of the quietest breast pumps I have used. I barely notice the sound when it is on.


Ardo USA Calypso comes with the pump motor, 2 pump sets with multiple breast shields (26mm and 31mm), 2 breast shell inserts (28 mm), 2 optiflow 26mm, brush for cleaning, bottle holders, power adapter and 2 lip valves. Ardo USA Calypso is very easy to assemble. To assemble Ardo USA Calypso, first you insert the white valve on the bottom side of the breast shell then screw on your bottle. I have found both Medela and Ameda bottles work perfectly with my Ardo USA Calypso. I assume any regular neck bottle will work with Ardo USA Calypso. Next you place the membrane in the top of the breast shell. Lastly, you line up the center mark on the green top that is attached to the tubing with the line on the breast shell and gently turn the top half a centimeter to the right. Now you are ready to use your Ardo USA Calypso!

If you would like to pump both breasts at once using your Ardo USA Calypso you attach the tubing to the pump motor with both of the tubes connected to the tubing connector. If you would like to pump one breast at a time, you attach one tubing to the connector and insert the white cap on the other space of the pump tubing. It is important to insert this white cap or you will not achieve full suction.

Once you are ready to pump you simply press the power button on your Ardo USA Calypso and adjust the vacuum level and the cycle level. I tend to start with the cycle level as high as it will go as this mimics what a baby does when they start nursing. The high cycle level triggers a let down. Once that has occurred, I turn the cycle level down a few levels until I am comfortable with the cycle. I typically keep it around the middle mark. I adjust my vacuum level throughout my pumping session to comfortable levels. I start with my vacuum level around the mid point and bump it up when I lower my cycle level. To adjust the cycle and vacuum levels is very easy. On the left side the vacuum level is labeled and has an up arrow and a down arrow that allow you to adjust the vacuum level up or down. On the right side is the cycle adjustment, which also has an up arrow and a down arrow that allow you to adjust the cycle levels up or down.


The Ardo USA Calypso does not have a timer on it so you do have to make sure to set a timer or look at the clock. The faceplate of the Ardo USA Calypso is very simple. There is an LCD screen that shows you what level your vacuum and cycle are at. Below this there is the vacuum adjustment, the power button, and the cycles adjustment.


The Ardo USA Calypso is very, very quiet. It is the quietest breast pump I have used. Ardo USA Calypso is very gentle on my breasts as well. The suction is strong yet gentle, allowing me to effectively pump without having sore or tender nipples. I love how easy the Ardo USA Calypso is to put together and how easy it is to use. I love that milk can not get into the tubing. That is one less worry for a pumping mama!

You can purchase your Ardo USA Calypso online for $199.95

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