Angelica Postpartum Belly Band by Body After Baby Review AND Giveaway

Every body needs support after having a baby. The muscles we use when we give birth are VERY sore afterwards. I did not realize how important it was to support my body after giving birth. Then, one day, my midwife checked on the progress of my uterus shrinking back down to its normal size. Lo and behold, my utters was bigger than it should have been. My midwife suggested  wearing a support band. I immediately turned to my Angelica Postpartum Belly Band by Body After Baby.

Angelica Postpartum Belly Band by Body After Baby is a full support postpartum belly band. Not only does Angelica Postpartum Belly Band support my belly and uterus, it also supports my perineum, my hips and my lower back. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band is a garment you step into. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band covers my body from my upper thighs to right below my breasts.

Angelica Postpartum Belly Band is made of a MicroNet™ soft touch fabric that is free of harsh chemicals and dyes. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band  is lightweight and breathable. This is very important to me during the postpartum phase. I don’t know about you, but I am EXTREMELY hot and sweaty postpartum. I do not want to wear additional layers that will make me even more hot and sweaty. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band is breathable and very lightweight. When I was wearing Angelica Postpartum Belly Band, I didn’t really notice it. It did not make me feel hotter or sweatier, which is great.

Angelica Postpartum Belly Band stabilizes weak muscles, has targeted compression to promote circulation and reduce swelling, and has an anatomical crotch panel which supports and protects perennial tears and episiotomy stitches. I did not tear or have stitches, but I was sore down there. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band felt like a gentle hug on my lady parts. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band was not too much pressure, rather it was just the right amount of pressure to support me and help me feel comfortable.

immediately postpartum

Angelica Postpartum Belly Band is very easy to use. To use Angelica Postpartum Belly Band I simply step into it and pull it up. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band goes from the top of my thighs to right below my breasts. I feel very comfortable and supported. I was worried I would be uncomfortable or it would be awkward to sit down while wearing my Angelica Postpartum Belly Band. I am pleased to say, I can sit and move comfortably in my Angelica Postpartum Belly Band.

Angelica Postpartum Belly Band is designed to be worn immediately after delivery and for the next 8-12 weeks to aid in the healing and recovery process. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band is very comfortable. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band was a little difficult to put on immediately after giving birth, but after a few days it was much easier. The only downside to Angelica Postpartum Belly Band is you have to take it off completely to go to the bathroom. During the first few postpartum days I was going to the bathroom hourly. After the first few days, I didn’t mind it as much.


Angelica Postpartum Belly Band looks great under clothing. You can not even tell I am wearing my Angelica Postpartum Belly Band. Even in my tight clothing Angelica Postpartum Belly Band was undetectable. Angelica Postpartum Belly Band helped me look slimmer, even though I had just given birth. (It is okay to not immediately be back to my pre pregnancy size.) 🙂 Angelica Postpartum Belly Band can be worn with the straps up and over your shoulders or without them. I prefer to wear my Angelica Postpartum Belly Band without the straps.

Angelica Postpartum Belly Band comes in two colors, natural and black. You can buy Angelica Postpartum Belly Band online for $89.99.


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  1. I would like to win because this looks like a more gentle and comfortable post partum shaper than the one I had (and didn’t like) last time.

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