Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump Review

Today we will be looking at the Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump. The Ameda Purely Yours is a closed system breast pump. Ameda Purely Yours weighs 1 pound, 1 ounce. Ameda Purely Yours has a power adapter that you plug in while using it. There is an area for you to insert batteries which allows Ameda Purely Yours to be used on the go. I love using my Ameda Purely Yours on the go!

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Ameda Purely Yours comes with the pump motor, dual HygeniKit (2 36-inch tubes, tubing adapter/pump connector, 2 adapter caps, 2 silicone diaphragms, 2 pump bodies with standard size breast shields, 4 white valves, 2 4-oz. polypropylene bottles with tops), and an AC adapter. Ameda Purely Yours is a quiet breast pump. One of the quietest ones I have used.

Ameda Purely Yours is a closed system breast pump which means there is a barrier between the milk and the tubing. This barrier makes sure milk never touches the tubing, which in turn makes sure milk never makes it to the pump motor. This keeps your breast milk clean and safe!

Ameda Purely Yours can be used as a single breast pump or a double breast pump which means you can pump one breast at a time or both simultaneously. To use Ameda Purely Yours you first assemble to pump bodies by putting the diaphragm in the top part of the pump body and inserting the white valve into the bottom of the pump body. I do love that the Ameda Purely Yours only has three pieces for the pump body. Attach your bottle, snap on the tubes and you are ready to go! To use Ameda Purely Yours as a single breast pump you only attach one tube and use the white cover to close off the other side. It is important to insert this white cap or you will not achieve full suction. To use Ameda Purely Yours as a double breast pump you attach both tubes to the motor.

Ameda Purely Yours is very easy to use. There are two dials on Ameda Purely Yours. The first dial is for speed or how quickly or slowly the pump sucks. The second dial is for the suction, how much suction you would like. Ideally you should turn the cycle dial up all the way and turn the suction dial as far as it is comfortable for you. This mimics baby’s small, shallow sucks when she first starts nursing and will stimulate a letdown. Once your letdown has occurred you should turn the cycle dial down as low as you would like and turn the suction dial up as much as is comfortable. Pumping should never be painful.


Ameda Purely Yours had two spot on top of the pump motor for you to place your bottles. These spots hold the bottles firmly so they don’t tip over. This is nice if you are pumping and need to put yourself back together before removing the bottles to empty or store the milk and clean the pieces of the pump bodies.

In my opinion, Ameda Purely Yours has a gently yet very effective suction. I started my pumping journey with a different pump and immediately noticed a difference in comfort when I started using my Ameda Purely Yours. My nipples don’t hurt after using the Ameda Purely Yours multiple times a day. I have noticed I empty just a tad faster with the Ameda Purely Yours. Ameda Purely Yours is a piston pump, which has been found to be gentler and more effective at removing milk.

I love how easy Ameda Purely Yours is to use and to clean. There are a few pieces to the pump bodies, but they are super easy to clean and dry quickly. I love that Ameda Purely Yours is a closed system pump. I do not have to clean my tubes because milk never touches them. I love the unique design of the Ameda Purely Yours pump bodies. It is very easy to attach the tubes, they simply snap on making it easy and fool proof.

I have only been able to use the Ameda bottles with my Ameda Purely Yours. My Ameda bottles hold 4 ounces and not much more than that. Sometimes I do wish I could attache a bigger bottle to my Ameda Purely Yours pump.

Ameda Purely Yours does not have a timer on it. I do wish there was a timer on the Ameda Purely Yours so I could see how long I have been pumping. It is easy to look at the clock, but many times my children distract me and I can’t remember what time it was when I did look at the clock! Mommy brain 🙂

Ameda Purely Yours is a single person pump meaning it is meant for one user.  You can purchase your Ameda Purely Yours online for $164.95. There are more expensive options of the Ameda Purely Yours that include other accessories like a bottle cooler and a bag to transport your pump. Enter to win an Ameda Purely Yours breast pump below!

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  1. The aspect that intrigues me most is the quietness! I’d like to pump one side and nurse on the other, but baby gets too distracted with the noise.

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