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Amalou Skin is a skin care product line designed specifically for pregnancy and beyond. Amalou Skin makes it easy to have healthy, clear skin while pregnant and beyond. Whilst you may wish to continue using your Victorian Cosmetic Institute products, it might also be a good opportunity for you to try something new. Amalou Skin has a specific line of products that, when used together, compass an effective skin clearing regimen but contains none of the usual acne or melasma fighting ingredients that are contra-indicated during pregnancy. These contra-indicated ingredients are found in most facial care products. Amalou Skin does not contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids, hydroquonine, parabens, phlalates, sulfates, or fragrances, making it easy to take the guess work out of finding the perfect pregnancy skin care regiment. Amalou Skin care line contains four maternity conscious products which are: REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash, with tea tree oil, chamomile and azelaic acid, PRIME Detoxifying Tonic, which is Alcohol-free with natural antiseptics, antioxidants and azelaic acid, GLOW Balancing Moisturizer, with peptides, tea tree oil and azelaic acid, and RESTORE Night Treatment, with azelaic acid and hydrogen peroxide. All Amalou Skin products are safe for sensitive skin like mine.


REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash comes in a four ounce bottle. REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash contains tea tree oil which is a natural anti bacterial and anti inflammatory agent. Another active ingredient in REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash is chamomile, which helps soothe the skin and relax stresses. REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash also contains azelaic acid, which helps fight bacteria and refine the pores and helps to even skin tone. REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash is meant to be used morning and night. REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash is an exfoliating face wash and feels amazing on my skin! To use REVEAL Exfoliating Face Wash I simply apply a small amount to my wet face and gently massage into skin, making sure not to scrub. After rinsing with warm water my face feels great!

After using REVEAL, the next step is to use PRIME Detoxifying Tonic, which comes in a four ounce spray bottle. PRIME Detoxifying Tonic is Alcohol-free, instead there is tea tree oil and thyme which are natural antiseptics. PRIME Detoxifying Tonic also contains witch hazel and chamomile, which work to calm skin. To use PRIME Detoxifying Tonic I simply spray a small amount onto a dry washcloth and gently wipe it on my face and neck. PRIME Detoxifying Tonic feels tingly and refreshing on my skin. I can immediately feel a difference in my skin after applying PRIME Detoxifying Tonic. A small amount goes a long way, I only need one or two sprays of PRIME Detoxifying Tonic on a dry washcloth to cover my face. This is a great way to wake up and energize my face in the morning!

In the morning time I use GLOW Balancing Moisturizer, which comes in a 1.4 ounce bottle with a pump. GLOW Balancing Moisturizer contains Azelaic acid to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and discoloration, tea tee oil to help clarify my skin, and Peptides to help reduce the signs of aging. I only need two to three pumps of GLOW Balancing Moisturizer to cover my face. GLOW Balancing Moisturizer does not contain any SPF so make sure to apply an SPF to your face before going outside. GLOW Balancing Moisturizer smells really nice and rubs into my skin very easily. I do not feel greasy or oily after using GLOW Balancing Moisturizer. My skin feels refreshed and moisturized!

At night I use RESTORE Night Treatment, which comes in a 1 ounce bottle with pump. RESTORE Night Treatment contains Azelaic acid and hydrogen peroxide which aid in fighting blemish causing bacteria as well as helping to improve the appearance of blemishes and discoloration. To use RESTORE Night Treatment I use two pumps and gently massage it into my skin, then let it sit for 3-5 minutes before rubbing in any excess. I can really feel RESTORE Night Treatment working. With as little as 2 pumps of RESTORE Night Treatment my entire face is moisturized! That never happens! I love how little I have to use and how well nourished my skin feels.

You can buy the complete Amalou regimen online for $138, or you can buy each product individually. You can also enter to win it here!



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