All About Baby’s World Extravaganza

A unique and wonderful maternity, baby and toddler expo. Our focus is on bringing mothers-to-be and parents together. We strive to bring modern, eco friendly, natural products and parenting methods to the forefront of this crazy journey we call parenthood. Our workshops include Baby Wearing Basics, Breastfeeding basics and so much more!  We love to spoil our mamas and dadas with raffle prizes and gift bags. All About Baby’s World Extravaganza is fun for the entire family! There will be water stations all around the event. Bring a water bottle or reusable cup to help keep you hydrated!  Children under 14 are free! Strollers are welcome although we recommend wearing your baby during the event as there will be a limited amount of space.




Our May 2016 FREE Workshops Included:

Babywearing Basics

Are you overwhelmed by the variety of slings, carriers and wraps out there? Do you need help fitting your sling, wrap or carrier? Come join us in our FREE baby wearing basics workshop! Baby wearing experts will help you learn how to fit your carrier as well as demonstrate some of the most common styles and holds. Join our baby wearing experts as they help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of baby carriers and help you make an informed decision about a carrier that will be the best for your family.


Taking Control of the Health Destiny of Our Children

 Did you know the youngest generation of American children is the sickest this country has ever seen? Did you also know the lifespan for this generation is the first to go down in the history of our country? With so many factors contributing to the epidemic of chronic disease in our children, it is up to us as parents to become true fighters for our children. Every choice we make for our kids will shape who they are and what their health will be in the future, and these choices begin even before they are born. Join pregnancy and pediatric chiropractor, Dr. Margie Smith, as she reviews some of the most common choices we face as parents, and how to best develop our children’s optimum health as well as tips for a healthy and happy pregnancy.

The Transformative Power of Touch for Pregnancy, Postpartum, and Baby

Jillian Van Ness is a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Pediatric Massage Therapist (CPMT), Infant Massage Teacher (CIMT), and Watsu® Aquatic Massage Practitioner serving Sacramento area families. Practicing out of a warm water pool, she specializes in bringing this uniquely relaxing modality to women in the pre- and postnatal period as well as children with special healthcare needs. She also teaches baby massage classes for new families every week and is passionate about sharing the power of touch for both bonding and health.

Baby Gear

Come get your hands on the latest and greatest baby gear! Bring your questions, we have the answers! Breast pumps, strollers, car seats and more! Find the baby gear that is perfect for you and your family!

Optimizing the development of your baby’s brain through sensory movement and exploration
Join Dr. Shannon Davis PT, DPT and learn about the latest research and importance of repetitive sensory based gross motor activities in formulating the neural pathways in your baby. Dr. Davis has a Doctorate and Masters degrees in Physical Therapy and is a MOVE ™ (Mobility Opportunities Via Experience) International Trainer for Adults and has been working for over 11 years providing specialized services to children and adults in schools, day programs and home settings. She is the CEO of Inspiration Physical Therapy Inc., which provides therapy consultation services and Inspire Create LLC. which is the parent company of the Little Balance Box™.



Visit our exhibitors to learn about the latest and greatest in pregnancy, childbirth, baby and family products & services. May had over 25 exciting vendors and exhibitors!


Raffle Prizes

Last year we have over $5,000 in prizes including strollers, car seats, bassinets, breast pumps, baby carriers and more!

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