Adventures In Tandem Nursing Take Two Part Two

It has been a few months since my last post on tandem nursing. Fingerly is 6 months old now and Baby Sister is 2 1/2 years old. For a few weeks Baby Sister barely nursed at all. Maybe once a day. Some days she did not nurse. She did not go more than a day or two without nursing. Then all of a sudden she started nursing multiple times a day. She is still nursing multiple times a day.

I do not nurse them together, they are both too long for me to comfortably get them on a nursing pillow together! Fingerly is also at the point where he is very distracted when nursing. I have to nurse him in a quiet environment. When we are out and about Fingerly nurses just enough to not be hungry. When we get home he nurses for a while to make up for it!

My milk supply is going crazy with the ups and downs of Baby Sisters nursing. When she does nurse I am fine. On the days she does  not nurse I am a leaky mess. That is the only difficult thing about tandem nursing, the fluctuating milk supply. I do nurse Baby Sister in public. She does not ask for it often, but when she does, I nurse her. It does not matter where we are. The only time I redirect Baby Sister is when she is constantly wanting to nurse. This typically means she is hungry, and while breastmilk is food, it is not enough to fill her tummy at this point.

One of the benefits to tandem nursing is when Fingerly is favoring one side I can offer the other side to Baby Sister. No longer am I lopsided! Another benefit is, no period yet!

I love the bond we have with nursing. We get to have these special quiet times of just the two of us. I was afraid she was weaning and am glad she has decided to keep nursing. I would like to nurse her until she is 3 years old. We are almost there! It is completely up to her when she weans.

What do you think?