Adventures In Tandem Nursing Take Two Part One

Tandem nursing. This means you are nursing two babies at once. This could mean twins or siblings of different ages. For me, it is siblings. I have an almost 3 month old, Fingerly, and an almost 2.5 year old, Baby Sister. I also have a 4.5 year old, Bunny.

When Baby Sister was a newborn I tandem nursed her and Bunny. Bunny self weaned a little after her third birthday. You can read about our tandem nursing journey HERE. Baby Sister has not weaned yet. I am not going to wean her. She will do it when she is ready. She is not as attached to nursing as Bunny was. When Baby Sister was born, Bunny nursed almost as much as Baby Sister did!

When Fingerly was born a few months ago Baby Sister did not start nursing more. She was excited there was more milk! Having a toddler nurse along side a newborn does wonders for my milk supply. It also does wonders for engorgement!  When I was engorged and Fingerly was done nursing, or the other side needed some relief, I would ask Baby Sister if she wanted to nurse. More often than not she did nurse. This helped me out so much!

Now that Fingerly is almost 3 months old my milk supply has evened out. On the days Baby Sister does not nurse as much I can tell a difference. First my breasts are extra full, then they seem to deflate. Baby Sister has not gone more than a day without nursing. The following day when she nurses my breasts even out again. Baby Sister did seem to stop nursing as often around the time Fingerly was 6 weeks old, but she has since increased the frequency. She likes to nurse for longer periods of time now. Weather it is comfort or milk, I do not know. It does not make a difference. I can tell when Baby Sister is hungry and is nursing because of that. I know she will not get full off my milk. After 5-10  minutes of nursing I will ask her if she is hungry and would like a meal or a snack. Sometimes I do tell her she can have milk after she eats. This is only before meals when I know she is hungry.

I do tandem nurse them together, at the same time. It is rare because we do not have a couch and getting two babies on a nursing pillow on a chair is difficult. Fingerly is also a big baby, wearing 9 month clothes already. If I do nurse them at the same time I sit on the bed and use multiple pillows.

I do not tandem nurse them in public, it is too difficult for me. If Baby Sister would like to drink milk when we are out and about, and I have a spot to sit comfortably and someone to hold Fingerly, I do nurse her. At this point in my breastfeeding journey, I rarely care what others think. I am feeding my baby. Nothing more, nothing less.

It is crazy to think I have been breastfeeding consistently for four and a half years with no end in sight! I will be posting updates during my journey. If you have any questions about tandem nursing please feel free to ask!

What do you think?