Adventures in Tandem Nursing Part 5

My babies are getting too big too fast! Baby Sister is now 6 months old, sitting up on her own and crawling/scooting around. Bunny is 33 months old (almost 3!) and is running around like crazy. The growth I see in Bunny is astounding. She is physically, mentally and emotionally growing so much each day! Its like I can see her brain developing. I love it!

Baby Sister has started eating solid food. She “eats” solid food at dinner time. We offer her food she can eat by herself like avocado, cooked and shelled peas, cooked broccoli, among others. How much of this goes in her mouth and how much goes in her lap, who knows! Baby Sister nurses every 2 ish hours. I don’t really watch the clock with her like I did with my first baby, Bunny. Baby Sister also wakes up multiple times a night to nurse. Again, I don’t watch the clock. We co sleep so I have no idea how many times or how frequently she nurses. It works for us.

Bunny nurses as much or as little as she would like. It is all up to her. Today she nursed once. Most days she nurses 3 times. She nurses more when she needs extra emotional comfort. I rarely offer milk to her, I always wait until she asks. Well, almost always. If I am full and leaking I will ask her. She denies me half the time and accepts the offer the other half. Bunny will nurse forever if I let her. I generally allow her to nurse for 20 minutes. I figure after that point the milk flow has lessened and some snuggles would suffice.

I rarely tandem nurse. I can’t handle both of them nursing at the same time. Their suck patterns are very different and it annoys me. I do have nursing aversion with Bunny sometimes. When Bunny wiggles or moves around a lot while nursing, I get really irritated. Which then irritates me more because nursing is supposed to be a happy, loving time. I don’t want to be irritated or upset when I am nursing! I want Bunny to wean when she is ready, emotionally and physically. There is so much more to breastfeeding than nutritional value. I never thought I would nurse this long, but I have no intention of weaning. I don’t have a time limit on our nursing relationship, and I won’t wean Baby Sister until she is ready either. Who knows, maybe I will end up nursing three babies at once! (No I am not pregnant.)

I nurse Bunny laying down, both of us, or me sitting up with her laying on my nursing pillow. I let Bunny choose where we will nurse. Some days Bunny nurses less and I am sad to think maybe she is weaning. But then she’ll start nursing more and I will see there is no end in sight. Which is okay by me! I love my Bunny and enjoy our breastfeeding journey. I am proud to be nursing a toddler. Breastfeeding is A LOT of work! It didn’t come easy with Bunny. But I am glad I fought the battle and am nursing my toddler along with her Baby Sister.


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