Adventures in Tandem Nursing Part 4

Baby Sister is four months old now and Bunny is 30 months, 2 1/2 years old. Both of my babies are breastfeeding. Things have gotten much better! Baby Sister nurses every 2-5 hours. She doesn’t seem to LOVE nursing like Bunny does. Baby Sister does comfort nurse, but not as much as Bunny did when she was an infant. Bunny would nurse all day, every day. And all night too! Baby Sister nurses to eat. Occasionally Baby Sister will nurse for comfort. Baby Sisters comfort nursing has gotten more frequent, and I am okay with that.

Bunny nurses to fall asleep at nap, and anytime she asks for it. I only offer at nap time. On an average day Bunny nurses 2-3 times. Very rarely do I nurse both Bunny and Baby Sister at the same time. When I do nurse them together I typically use the football hold for both babies. I haven’t mastered, or attempted to hold them with their legs making a V. Because Bunny uses a nipple shield, our nursing has to be more straightforward. If Bunny isn’t in the optimal nursing position, it is hard for her to latch and maintain the latch. Bunny can nurse without the nipple shield and does so occasionally. She prefers the nipple shield and I don’t dislike it. Nursing with a nipple shield is a pain sometimes, but it can be done long term!

Baby Sister does not have a nipple shield and can nurse in any direction! In the middle of the night, since we co sleep, all I have to do is put my breast near her face and she latches all by herself. This never happened with Bunny. I don’t have to worry about where the nipple shield is in the middle of the night. I can go immediately to sleep without having to find it and make sure it is safely away from Baby Sister’s nose.

Baby Sister is a healthy 17 pounds at 4 months. Tandem nursing does not negatively effect her. If anything, tandem nursing makes it easier for Baby Sister to nurse. My breasts are almost always full, which means either baby can nurse at any given time and be satisfied.

I love nursing both my babies. I don’t plan on weaning either one any time soon. Bunny can wean whenever she is ready. I will not force her. My Love is supportive of this, which matters a lot. I do have some nursing aversion with Bunny sometimes. When this happens, I play on my phone or watch tv on my iPad to distract myself. If my nursing aversion gets really bad, I put a time limit on Bunny’s nursing. She would nurse 24/7 if I let her. When I can feel myself needed Bunny to stop nursing, I tell her, “I will sing one song then milk is going night night.” After the song she typically says, “OKAY!” in the cutest voice ever then is happily done nursing. There are times she still wants to nurse and I try to distract her. 99% of the time this works!

I am very thankful to have a husband who is supportive of tandem nursing and having a nursing toddler. I love my kiddos and am so glad nursing both of them works well for us.


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