Adventures in Tandem Nursing Part 3

Tandem nursing is a journey. Sometimes its a fun journey and sometimes it is a not so fun journey. But isn’t every journey similar? Some good times, some not so good times.

Bunny used to nurse to sleep for bedtime but since Baby Sister arrived this has slowly stopped. Bunny does still nurse to sleep for nap. I make sure she gets that time with me. Bunny only nurses when she asks for it. I only offer when it is nap time. Bunny and Baby Sister do nurse together, but not often. Baby Sister likes to nurse every 3-5 hours. (Don’t worry, Baby Sister is 3 months old and weighs 16 pounds, she is definitely eating enough!) Baby Sister often nurses before, during or after sleep. Theres no room for Bunny to nurse with her. I have not been able to master laying down and nursing them both now that Baby Sister is a little bigger. I can tandem nurse them when I am sitting up. Bunny rather enjoys this. I think Baby Sister enjoys it too. Bunny loves to hold Baby Sisters hand when they are nursing together. Baby Sister looks at Bunny a lot when they are nursing together. They love each other so much, it warms my heart to see this!

Some days I have a hard time nursing Bunny. I don’t know if its her latch or the fact that she wiggles all over and pulls my breast with her. I tell her when we drink milk we relax, but sometimes it takes a while for her to actually relax. On those days I take a deep breath and distract myself with my phone. I’ve started reading books on my phone and this is a great distraction. Bunny does ask for milk when she is hurting or tired. I try to always give it to her when she asks. I do have to set a time limit. Bunny would nurse all day if I let her. I give Bunny warnings, in a few minutes we will say goodbye to milk. Then we sing a song and when the song is over she says goodbye. This tends to work most days. Some days as soon as she is back on her feet she is asking for milk again. I wish I could let her nurse all day, but I can not.

I make enough milk for both my babies. Baby Sister is not lacking because Bunny nurses. If anything, Bunny helps keep my milk supply up and allows Baby Sister to have all the milk she could possibly want. I don’t plan on weaning Bunny anytime soon. Some days Bunny only drinks milk for nap. She is on her way to weaning. I will allow her to do it in her own time. I know one day she won’t want milk anymore and I will most definitely be sad. Our babies grow up too soon. I will (try to) cherish every moment I have with them. The days Bunny doesn’t drink milk will one day outweigh the days she does. Until then, all three of us will spend some extra time together.


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