Adventures in Tandem Nursing part 2

Nursing two babies does wonders for my milk supply! I always had an oversupply with Bunny, but now I am always full! ALWAYS. Some nights Baby Sister sleeps for a few hours at a time, and some nights she nurses every two hours. On the nights Baby Sister sleeps for longer stretches I wake up leaking and feeling uber full. I pump on these days for a couple reasons. First because I am full, second because I am paranoid something will happen and I like having frozen milk, and third so I can donate whatever milk we don’t use. On the days I wake up full I can pump around 6-10 ounces combined. I stop after about 15-20 minutes even though there is still more milk in there. It is crazy!

 Baby Sister is about 8 weeks old. Bunny is not wanting to nurse as often anymore. When Bunny asks for milk I typically let her have it. The only times I don’t let her drink milk is when Baby Sister is sleeping on me and when it is close to bed time or nap time. I don’t want Bunny to fall asleep on the couch and wake up when she’s put in bed. I very rarely ask Bunny if she wants milk. I let her decide when she would like milk. I have asked Bunny a couple times when I have been really full and needed some relief. One of the joys of tandem nursing! 🙂

I was having some issues with the different suck patters my two babies have. Baby Sister has a newborn suck pattern and Bunny has an toddler suck pattern. Sometimes I would get so irritated with Bunny’s suck pattern. I have taught her how to correct it and now all I have to do is ask her to, “Drink milk the right way.” Once I do that, she fixes her pattern and latch and we are good to go.

I do enjoy being able give both of my babies the comfort they are seeking. Bunny loves to nurse. She always has. I don’t know when she will wean but I do know she won’t be going off to college and still nursing. Bunny can wean in her own time. There are days she hardly nurses at all. I become sad when I think about Bunny weaning.

When I tandem nurse my girls together, at the same time, I know Bunny loves it. Baby Sister and Bunny will look at each other. Bunny will hold Baby Sisters hand. I truly think tandem nursing has helped Bunny bond with her sister.


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