Adventures in Tandem Nursing Part 1

Bunny is 26 months and nurses two times a day, mainly to fall asleep. Baby Sister is a newborn and nurses too many times to count. The first few days of Baby Sisters life, Bunny didn’t want to nurse more than normal. Once my milk came in, Bunny wanted to nurse a few more times, but mainly wanted to nurse for longer periods of time.

Bunny was loving my milk! One day Bunny was taking a long time to unlatch after she had fallen asleep at nap time. Unfortunately, Baby Sister needed to nurse too. I had My Love bring Baby Sister into Bunny’s room and I figured out how to nurse them together. While laying down. It was a challenge but it worked! I have done this a few times since then. I know I can’t do this for long because Baby Sister is only going to get bigger, but for now it works. Bunny loves laying down and nursing with Baby Sister. It is so sweet to see them nursing and falling asleep together. I have nursed them together on my Luna Lullaby Nursing pillow once. Bunny wanted to nurse but not for long. We mainly only nurse at the same time for nap.

Nursing a toddler and a baby has its challenges. The first challenge is how long Bunny wants to nurse. Another challenge is my milk supply. I have an abundance of milk as it is, it was an issue when Bunny was a baby. Now, my oversupply is massive. I can literally touch the side of one breast and out pours an ounce. Seriously. This is a challenge because I am so engorged and/or full, Baby Sister has a hard time getting a good latch. The next challenge is, once Baby Sister has a good latch, my letdown is so fast and forceful, Baby Sister has a hard time breathing, Because of this, Baby Sister will turn her nice latch into a shallow bad latch to help stop/slow the flow. Ugh. My poor nipples are sore! I did get a couple owies on my nipples but once I helped Baby Sister with her latch, the healed and went away. (Bunny so kindly gave “milk” a kiss to help the owies feel better.) To help Baby Sister with her latch, I saw a lactation consultant. She had me latch Baby Sister then immediately lean  back so Baby Sister was laying across my body/chest and on top of my breast. This turns the milk flow into more of a water fountain instead of a waterfall. It allow Baby Sister to better control the flow without backing off the breast. I have noticed Bunny also pulls back in my breast when the milk starts flowing, but I can tell her that gives milk owies and to please stop. Luckily she listens. Bunny is still using a nipple shield to nurse, Baby Sister is not. I don’t plan on weaning Bunny off the nipple shield, it is more of a comfort thing to her now and not a necessity. I will let her keep it because it is comforting to her.

I am only a week or so into tandem nursing, but so far its good! I rather enjoy nursing both my babies and like the comfort I can offer them. It melts my heart to see them both nursing at the same time. And kind of makes me feel like a super mom, if only during that time. 🙂

(It’s very hard to get a photo of them nursing at the same time. As you can imagine, both my hands are being used. 🙂

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