ACK Wrap Review

I love to baby wear. LOVE IT! I didn’t leave the house much with Bunny for a number of reasons. First, I had a c section and didn’t move much for the first 8 weeks and secondly, I didn’t have a toddler to chase after. With Baby Sister I do not have the luxury of sitting down and resting for 8 weeks. I need to be up and moving so Bunny’s life can continue on as normal (or as normal as possible). Baby wearing is great to help me keep both my babies happy. My favorite wrap is my ACK Wrap. The ACK Wrap is a stretchy wrap that is both fashionable and comfortable. The ACK Wrap is made of fabrics that are soft and lightweight with a touch of stretch. ACK Wraps fabrics are custom created and made in America. ACK Wraps have a trademark handmade birch wood button which is the middle marker of the wrap. On the right side of the ACK Wraps there is a small pocket, which is the perfect size for my iPhone.

ACK Wrap come in four different colors, Organic Pink and White stripe, Oatmeal and White stripe, Charcoal and White Stripe, and Grey and White Stripe. Baby Sister and I have the Organic Pink and White stripe ACK Wrap. The ACK Wrap comes in one size and fits everyone. The Organic Pink and White stripe ACK Wrap is approximately 17 inches long and the new Charcoal, Oatmeal and Grey Ack Wraps are 15.5 feet long.

The Organic Pink and White stripe ACK Wrap is 100% organic, made with US grown cotton and is completely made in the USA. This ACK Wrap is slightly heavier than the other ACK Wraps, but is still very breathable and lightweight. I have used other stretchy wraps with my babies and tend to stop using other stretchy wraps around 8 weeks old. That is when baby gets a tad heavier and the stretchy wraps don’t seem to give me or baby as much support as I would like. Baby Sister is 11 weeks old and 15 pounds. I LOVE our ACK Wrap. I feel very comfortable and supported, and feel like Baby Sister is comfortable and supported as well. The ACK Wrap is great for babies up to 25 pounds. I tried Bunny in the ACK Wrap (she is 25 pounds). Bunny said she was comfortable and I was comfortable. I felt secure and felt like Bunny was secure. Bunny did NOT want to get out of the ACK wrap! The ACK wrap is very secure with a 25 pound toddler. I can not say that about my other stretchy wraps.

Wearing the ACK Wrap is very easy. To wear the ACK wrap first you find the button, which is the middle marker. Then you place the middle at your waist and wrap each end around your waist to the back, like a belt. This determines how loose or tight the wrap will be. Depending on your baby’s size you want to tighten or loosen your wrap here. For smaller babies, start higher on your waist.


Take each end over the opposite shoulder from behind to your front. Be sure not to twist the fabric. The fabric should be flat against your body and be fairly tight. Take each end over the opposite shoulder from behind to your front.

 Criss-cross each end under the belt.

Wrap each end around your waist again. You can either tie in the back or wrap around your front again and tie at the front, side, or back depending on your size and preference. Use a square knot, tying right over left then left over right to ensure the knot does not come loose.


When using with a newborn make sure baby’s feet and legs are inside the wrap. When using with an older baby or toddler baby’s legs can be outside of the wrap.

Have I mentioned I LOVE my ACK Wrap. I generally put on my ACK Wrap before we leave the house so I don’t get it dirty. When we are out Baby Sister takes all of her naps in our ACK Wrap. The ACK Wrap is very comfortable and very easy to use.


Why is the ACK Wrap different from other stretchy wraps? The ACK Wrap is different in a few ways. First, the stylish middle marker that is a button is very different from any wrap I have seen. Secondly, the ACK Wrap’s tails are tailored, which makes the ACK Wrap easier to wrap, wear and tie. Another great feature of the ACK Wrap is the built in pocket. This pocket is big enough for a phone, a pacifier or other small objects. The pocket does not disturb Baby Sister at all. Also, the ACK Wrap is VERY supportive. In my opinion, the ACK Wrap is MORE supportive than any other stretchy wrap I have worn. I, personally, don’t like wearing a soft structured carrier until my babies fit the carrier well and has great neck and head support, around 4-5 months. Before baby has good neck and head support you need an infant insert (per carrier instructions). I prefer to wrap my babies during this time. With other stretchy wraps I can only wear them until baby is about 8 weeks old, which leaves a huge gap of 2-3 months where I have nothing to wear my baby with. This is why the ACK Wrap is much different (and better) than other stretchy wraps. I comfortably wear Baby Sister at 11 weeks and 15 pounds. I do not feel like the ACK Wrap is loose, too stretchy or unsupportive. I feel extremely comfortable in my ACK Wrap. Because the ACK Wrap is a stretchy wrap it is not recommended to do a back carry or baby facing outward (which should never be done anyway).

You can purchase your ACK Wrap online for $65, which includes shipping.


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