ABC Kids Expo 2017 Second Day

Whew! I thought yesterday was a busy day! Today put yesterday to shame. So many booths, so many products, so many smiling faces! Here are just a few of the products I saw today. Head over to my Facebook page ( and Instagram ( to catch up on all the products I saw today and follow along tomorrow!  Tomorrow is the last day of the 2017 ABC Kids Expo!


Today I saw a few different baby devices. The first is the sleep coach. You input baby’s routine and the sleep coach will help you stretch out baby’s sleep cycle! This is also great for parents with caregivers at home as the app will update you everytime something is inputed into the system.

The travel trey is so awesome, I want one for myself up front with me in the car!

As seen on shark tank, the Tranquilo Mat looks amazing! I can’t wait to try this out with baby brother.


Thule has an amazing new single to double stroller due out soon!

Silve Cross has a new stroller, the pioneer and a new kids pram. Love!

The new green toys play sets are super cute and look like hours of fun.


Some new new prints are covered goods. These new prints feel like lularoe leggings. Buttery soft.


The dryness and the noise was getting to baby brother. His poor red cheeks! Luckily Em’s was there to help with his ears.

To top it all off we saw a unicorn buddy bib! From the makers of the original munch mitt.


That is all I can share with you. I did see some amazing new products that have not been released and mums the word. I will definitely be sharing when the time is right! Follow along on Facebook and Instagram tomorrow! If you are wanting to know about a specific brand, leave a comment or send me a message and I will make sure to connect with them!

What do you think?