A Review of Din- A Weekly Dinner Delivery for California

My Love LOVES cooking. He is a natural. He can take some meat and spices and make a magnificent meal. I, on the other hand, am not so great at this. I need a recipe. An easy recipe. I want to be a great chef but don’t have the desire to spend time figuring it out. Din is perfect for me! Din is a weekly food delivery service in California and Nevada. Din delivers fresh, preprepared and perfectly proportioned ingredients to your doorstep. Din does all the prep work for you. The best part is, you can cook your Din meal in 20 minutes. No really, you can. I cooked both of my Din meals in 20 minutes!


You can choose which meals you would like delivered from Din‘s website. Their menu changes, giving you amazing meals to choose from. You can have 2 or more meals delivered to you weekly. Each meal from Din is packaged in its own paper bag with all the ingredients inside. A recipe card with very simple and easy to follow instructions on how to prepare the meal are included on the bag. Din sends you all the ingredients you need in the perfect portions. Every ingredient is clearly labeled.

Din costs $15 per serving. You must order 4 servings per delivery. Tax is included in the price and shipping is free. The meals from Din come in a cooler bag with dry ice on the bottom. The cooler bag arrives inside a highly insulated and cooled box. You do not have to be home when Din delivers. Din recommends moving your dinners to a refrigerator as soon as possible, but your food will be perfectly fine until around 10 pm on your delivery day.

Din allows you to let them know if you are vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, gluten free, soy free, or nut free and will send you meals based on your dietary needs. Din uses fresh, local, seasonal ingredients. The ingredients are packed and sealed to preserve freshness, quality and taste.

Din sends everything you need for that meal. The only things Din requires you to have on hand are knives and cutting boards, skillets, baking sheets, pots, olive oil, high heat cooking oil, salt and pepper.

Is Din really easy to prepare? YES! All of the ingredients are sectioned out in their own packing. Din has a lovely recipe with easy to follow steps for each meal. Does it really only take 20 minutes to prepare and cook Din meals? YES! Din takes almost all of the prep work out of it for you! I LOVE this. Are Din meals delicious? YES, YES, YES! Din meals look and taste like a restaurant meal. Seriously. I am not the best cook but with Din, I am an amazing chef! Take a look at the photos below. Pretty impressive right?!

You can sign up for your Din subscription hereDin will give you TWO FREE MEALS for signing up! That is 4 servings FREE! After your two free meals have been delivered you can cancel (I doubt you will want to) or choose your next weeks meals. You will be charged $60 for 2 meals with 2 servings per meal (a total of 4 servings at $15 a serving).

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