7 Non Toy Gift Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is rapidly approaching! Toys are always on the Christmas list. Here are a few non toy gift ideas for the children in your life.

Museum Membership

There are so many wonderful, child focused museums! Most big cities have a dedicated Children’s museum. For older children, there are many hands on science museums. A yearly membership can range from $50-100+ for a family of four. This is a great gift to give to the entire family.

Zoo Membership

A zoo membership is another wonderful gift for a child or family. Most zoo memberships range from $100-$200 for a family of four. This is a great way to be outside with the whole family. Most memberships also include a few guest passes. This allows you to join in on the fun!


My girls LOVE their dance classes. Most dance/music/karate/movement classes have a monthly fee. Gifting even one month of classes is a wonderful gift for both the child and the parent. Classes range from $20-80 a month.


Buying a special movie for a child is a great gift. Even better is taking them to see a movie. The experience and memory will last longer than any toy! Make it a special outing just for them.


My children love to play games. Something as simple as a deck of cards or a board game can lead to hours of fun. Joining in on the fun will make this present even more magical.


Books are always a big hit around our house. Christmas is the perfect time to share your favorite book with the children in your life. A book from your childhood or a new favorite.


Planning a special outing is the best gift to be given. This can be simple or elaborate. A trip to the ice cream shop, the arcade, the library, even the park. Spending special time with children and making memories are what they will treasure for years to come.


What do you think?