6 Bakeries that Deliver Amazing Baby Shower Cakes

After the birth of a baby, your whole life is going to change. Planning a baby shower party is not easy, but it is definitely something that a parent should do before the big event. Baby shower parties are fun and represent a way of welcoming into the world a new human being. It is also a way of gathering together all the important people in the baby’s life.

Cakes Prices offers ideas of bakeries that deliver cakes for different occasions like birthdays, weddings and baby showers. Make sure you pick the cake that suits better your preferences and budget. Everyone who wants to celebrate your baby is welcomed as long as you have enough food and drinks. Here is a detailed list of bakeries that deliver baby shower cakes:

Classic Bakery

This bakery started out as a small family business, producing Eastern European and Middle Eastern delicacies. The pastry chefs here know how to perfectly combine raw ingredients to obtain unique deserts. This bakery expanded, and it now includes home-made Italian Gelato, imported coffee, café sandwiches and plenty of baked goods. If you want to order a baby shower cake for your party, this is the right place. You will find plenty of cakes with exquisite decorations. Do all your guests know whether it is a boy or a girl? If not, consider a gender-reveal baby shower cake to surprise everyone. You can also order a blue cake for your little boy or a pink one if it’s a girl. Choose the most spectacular decorations to impress your guests.

Pink Cake Box

The specialists here do not only make cakes, but they create extraordinary memories for you and your dear ones. You will be able to celebrate your accomplishments and joys by tasting their cakes. When you become their client, you become part of the family. The pastry chefs here can make the best cakes for your birthday and special occasion. You find the most delicious baby shower cakes for if you are an expectant mommy. Make sure you order a custom cake to celebrate your little prince or little princess. Choose one with little baby animals decorations to have the most exquisite cake.

Sweet E’s Bake Shop

If you want the cutest baby shower cake for your little one’s party, this is where you can get it. Their cakes are a work of art. The specialists designing these amazing deserts deliver joy. All the little figurines attached to the delicious cake will cheer up all your guests. You can also order a custom cake, with the fillings you love, and a special design made just for you. Before ordering a cake for your big event, you should consider scheduling a tasting to decide on the type of cake you want.

Sam’s Club

Here you can find the most affordable and delicious cakes. If you are preparing for your baby shower party, consider taking a look at their models. You might be surprised by the variety of fillings, icings and cake flavors. How about a jungle cake with wild animals on top? The two-tier moist White Cake has buttercream icing.

Kroger Cakes

Here is the place where you can get a great custom cake, just in time for your baby shower party. All your guests will be amazed by the incredible design of the cake. You should look at the Baby Special Delivery Stork Cake that features intricate details and an amazing taste. The combination of flavors is truly mouth-watering!

Alaina’s Bakery

When your family is about to get bigger and a new member is ready to come into the world, you know that this is the perfect reason to celebrate. At Alaina’s Bakery you can find delicious and affordable baby shower cakes that suit all tastes. The specialists here use buttercream instead of fondant, and they always include fresh and natural ingredients.

Generally, one of your closest friends or a relative throws the baby shower for your baby that is ready to come into the world. However, if you like planning parties, you can do it for yourself. Make sure the baby shower party takes place at least 4 to 6 weeks before your due date. Make up a list of all the necessary things and do not forget about the cake. Gather your dear friends and relatives to celebrate the greatest occasion – welcoming a new member of the family. Your baby shower party will be one to remember, with an exquisite cake and tasty food.

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