5 Valuable Tips for Returning to Work After Childbirth

Your work life always seems like a distant memory when you get a baby, but a couple of months or weeks after delivery you will have to go back to work. It is always tough to leave your child behind to go to work, but in most cases, you will not have a choice. However, the most critical thing is to ensure that the infant is still comfortable in your absence because this is what will make sure that you have peace of mind and can concentrate at work. And to ensure that this is the case here are some valuable tips for returning to work after childbirth.

#1 Prepare in Advance 

Moms should never wait until the last week or last few days of maternity leave to start planning. Even before you deliver, you will know how long your leave will last, and so it is important to start planning early. The most crucial thing is for moms to figure out where to leave their child or with whom. If you need to employ a nanny, you should start looking around for a professional one or a company that offers that service. If daycare is what works best for you, it is also important to look around for the best or ask family and friends for recommendations. It is also a good idea to start paying for the daycare fee or at least make a deposit early so as to ensure that you will not have any financial difficulties when you need the service.

#2 Stock Up

As you shop for baby products, it is important to remember to stock up on the essentials that you will need when time comes to go back to work. It is important to buy a good quality breast pump because you will need to express some milk for your child’s consumption when at work. Also, you will need to purchase a lot of breast milk storage bags because they are what you will use to store the milk. Things like nursing pads and a small bag for carrying the breast pump as you go to work are also essential. A framed picture of your little angel might also be necessary because it can comfort you when you are away from him.

#3 Do Some Dry Runs

Dry runs are important because they help to make the transition easier and so it is important to do them before you go back to work. You should start about a week before you go back to work. And one of the best ideas is to wake up at the time that you would have to rise on a work day. You should then prepare the baby and take him to the daycare just to check it out. When doing the dry runs, you should look out for things like how long it takes you to prepare the child and drive to the daycare and determine whether you need to wake up a little earlier. Also, you can resume work a few days earlier and work for half days so that you can transition to leaving your child the whole day gradually.

#4 Call to Check Up on the Baby Frequently

Not knowing how your baby is doing will make it hard for you to concentrate at work. It is important to call the daycare after every few hours to check on your infant or request the person caring for the child to send you regular updates as the day progresses. If possible, you can also do a video call at least once a day because seeing your child will help ease your mind so that you can work without worries.

#5 Never Take Any Work Home

As you are transitioning from your maternity leave, you should avoid taking any work home. You might have a heavy workload due to the few weeks or month of absence, but it is important to ensure that you dedicate any free time that you have to your infant. Working in the evenings will mean that you spend less time with the child and so you will always be missing him which will make the transition more difficult for both of you.

Leaving your newborn behind after the maternity leave will not be easy, but you can make the transition easier for both of you with the five tips above. As hard as it might be, you have to go back to work but knowing that you child has everything that he needs and that he is getting the best care in your absence is very comforting. It is also worth understanding that the first few days are always the hardest, but things will become smoother as you get used to the routine.

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