39 Week Pregnancy Update

39 weeks! Baby Sister is in a great position! I am feeling really good, just tired. Its like I can never get enough sleep. I am up every two hours at night, sometimes more often. I know my body is preparing me for a newborn, but I already know whats to come. Let me sleep now while I can body! My hips hurt from sleeping on my sides all night long. I can understand how some/most women are done being pregnant by this point! I am currently walking daily ish, although I can walk more consistently and for longer distances. There are a few local restaurants that serve pregnancy dishes that are supposed to help labor start, I might try one or two of those at 40 weeks. My Love is on vacation for a week starting tomorrow so I would love to have Baby Sister during this time! Of course that probably means Baby Sister will wait until My Love is back to work before she makes her appearance!

I am so ready to have a baby! I am excited to be in labor and am very much looking forward to it. I am afraid I won’t know when I am in labor! 🙂 I am excited to welcome this new little baby into our family. I can’t wait to see my two daughters together. I am torn about weather I should help Baby Sister along, with natural methods, or just wait for her to make her appearance. I don’t want to rush her! I love this little baby so much! I am enjoying these last few days or weeks of pregnancy as much as I can! I know I will miss being pregnant soon. I know this pregnancy is almost over, but I feel like it will last forever! Its hard to comprehend there will be a baby here soon!


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