38 Week Pregnancy Update

38 weeks! I didn’t think I would make it this far! I am so happy to still be pregnant! I might go to 40 weeks or beyond! I am getting tired of a few things. The first thing I am VERY tired of is everyone (strangers, friends, everyone really!) how HUGE I am. Yes, I am THIRTY EIGHT WEEKS PREGNANT! Of COURSE I am huge! I see this, I feel this, I love it. But please, please, please stop telling me how huge you think I am! I think I am the perfect size, thank you. I am also tired of people telling me that I must have big babies, or that I definitely will not make it to 40 weeks. It is especially annoying when a complete stranger tells me this. No pregnant woman wants to hear these things!

Some things I look forward to once baby is born- being able to hug My Love with my entire body, chest, hips and feet touching. Right now it is basically chest and belly. I can’t get close enough! I look forward to breathing in every position I sit or lay in, being able to sleep on my stomach (oh how I miss this!) and my back. Being able to SLEEP. (I know with a baby that will be difficult ha.) I look forward to my feet not aching at the end of the day. I look forward to being able to hold Bunny and not get tired or have to shift her around constantly. Ooo I also look forward to being able to sit for extended periods of time without having to move around.

Some things I will miss- feeling my baby move around, feeling her hiccups, knowing she is safe and protected 24/7. Being able to give all of my time and attention to both my babies at the same time. I love being pregnant and will miss being pregnant, but I am so excited to hold Baby Sister! Only a few short weeks until that lovely day!

I am feeling pretty good, about the same as last week. We were all sick, again, this past week. I don’t know why we have been sick so much since November! It is crazy. But I am hoping we are getting this all out of our system now, before baby is here. I look forward to enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy and am looking forward to being in labor and giving birth! What an exciting journey!


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