37 Week Pregnancy Update

I am 37 weeks and 1 day! This is the longest I have been pregnant. My water broke at 37 weeks exactly with Bunny. I waited to write this post until 37w1d just in case I had Baby Sister last night. 🙂 I am so excited to still be pregnant! I must admit, I was kind of looking at the 37 week mark as my due date and was getting a little impatient yesterday waiting for something to happen. Of course, nothing did. This little baby is going to stay in as long as she wants, and I am a okay with that! I might have a 40 weeker! Or an “overdue” baby. As long as she’s healthy, I don’t care when she is born.

I am feeling pretty good. Feeling big. It is getting harder to sleep because I can’t get comfortable for long periods of time. I have a hard time falling asleep. I am doing hypnobabies and just about every night I fall asleep listening to that. I haven’t gained any weight in a week or two, but I did have extra weight on me before I got pregnant, and I have gained a good amount this pregnancy so there is no need to be concerned. I am still 10 pounds lighter now than I was when I had Bunny. But my belly is definitely bigger!

I am trying to cherish every day with Bunny because I know pretty soon Bunny won’t be an only child anymore. I am also trying to cherish every day I am pregnant. I know I will miss feeling Baby Sister move and hiccup after she is born. Its bittersweet after I have a baby. I am so excited they are here and I can hold them, but I also miss feeling them growing and moving in my body.

It is getting harder to walk around because of the weight of the baby. And she is definitely pressing down! Today the doctor mentioned that she noticed baby has dropped. I have been having contractions, what I think are braxton hix, for about a week now. I like to think of them as early labor contractions and not braxton hix doing nothing contractions. They are doing something and I am so excited! I can’t wait to be in labor!!!


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