36 Week Pregnancy Update

I am so excited to be 36 weeks pregnant! I was a little afraid I wouldn’t make it this far because Bunny came so early. Heres to hoping Baby Sister will stay in for a few more weeks! I haven’t felt any braxton hix contractions during this pregnancy or my last, until last night. I think I have been having braxton hix contractions, either that or my body is starting to want to have this baby! I hope its nothing and Baby Sister will cook for a little bit longer. I have a doctors appointment this afternoon to make sure she is still head down. I will ask about my contractions then and see what is going on. Stay in baby, stay in!

I am still feeling pretty good. I am big, but love it! My belly is nice and round and firm and full of baby! Bunny loves to give Baby Sister hugs and kisses. I have told Bunny that Baby Sister will be here soon and Bunny says, “Baby Sister knock on door!” We’ve talked about how Baby Sister will be born and won’t knock on any doors, but it is very cute Bunny thinks this! We have a book about birth and Bunny loves to read her Baby Sister book. I am so excited to hold both of my babies!

Baby Sister is still head down (yay!) and looks great. Now we just wait for her to put some weight on and wait until she’s ready to greet us!


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