Tula Standard Review and Giveaway

Tula comes in two sizes, standard and toddler. Today I am reviewing a Tula Standard. The standard fits babies 15 pounds to 44 pounds. The standard can be used with newborns 7.8 pounds and up with the infant insert. Tula standard can be used in front carry and back carry positions. Both the standard is designed to provide a wide seat which helps support a natural M position of baby’s legs and hips. Baby’s legs should be supported from the hip to the knee joint

Tula has a lot of padding on the shoulder straps and the waist band. This makes the Tula VERY comfortable to wear. When these photos were taken Bunny was 20 pounds. I tried both the Tula standard and the toddler on with Bunny. I decided to get the standard because Bunny still had room for her to grow in the standard, and Bunny was not 25 pounds at that time (she still isn’t!). The back part of the Tula came up to Bunny’s head when I first got it (when Bunny was 11 months old) and Bunny’s knees were still close to the leg holes on the Tula. In the photos Bunny is almost 17 months and still fits the Tula standard. It does not look like Bunny will outgrow the standard anytime soon. On soft structured carries, the carrier should come all the way to your babies knees, to support your baby’s leg from the hip joint to the knee joint. Their legs and bum should be supported.   

Tula is a very breathable soft structured baby carrier. Tula has a detachable hood. The hood has two snaps on the back panel which allow the hood to be taken off. The hood has elastic pull strings on each side that allow you to tighten or loosen the hood to your comfort level. The hood straps can be attached to the shoulder straps with clips. This is nice for when your baby is sleeping, to keep the sun out of baby’s face, or when nursing. I often nurse in my Tula and use the hood for head support for Bunny. The hood also offers some coverage when nursing. 
Tula’s straps are adjustable. It is a one size fits all. My Love can wear Bunny, and is very comfortable wearing her in the Tula. The shoulder staps can be loosened or tightened to your comfort level. One feature I really like is the padding beneath the buckles. The padding under the buckles is nice because it protects your skin and body from rubbing against the buckeles. It makes for a nice smooth ride. 
Another feature I really like is, on the waist strap, the Tula has a pocket that is big enough to fit an iPhone. I really like this pocket. I have not seen a pocket like this on any other carrier. 


The Tula is very comfortable for me to wear Bunny for long periods of time. We still rarely use a stroller because Bunny prefers to be worn, and having a comfortable carrier is a must! The Tula is our go to carrier.

Tulas come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, with new designs being released often.
You can buy your Tula baby carrier here for $149. \

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42 thoughts on “Tula Standard Review and Giveaway”

  1. I’d love to win a Tula because we don’t own a buck carrier and those who loves my dream will be absolutely amazing thank you for the chance

  2. Would love to own a tula. Love the print on it and how easy it is to wear your little one with…. 🙂 but still no funds

  3. I would love a Tula because keeping up with my toddler is hard and as a mom of 2 with back problems everyone says a Tula is the way to go!

  4. I don’t own a baby carrier and would love to try a Tula. I’ve heard great things about them and they have some pretty awesome prints.

  5. Love Tula because I have a bad back & it helps me carry my little one without it hurting! I would love to win one!

    1. Weird it said my first comment which was grotesquely mis-written hadn’t been approved until i recommented. :-/ just didnt want to void my entry . Thank you

  6. I love wearing my son. My oldest was never worn because 12 years ago there wasn’t as much education about it. Now I love wearing our 8 month old. It took us 4 years to get pregnant with him and he’s growing too fast so I appreciate the bonding time I get with him right now. Tula is amazing for that.

  7. I just recently got my first tula and I love love love it and makes my life easier I’ve been babywearing for almost 2 years and I wish I had a tula from the beginning

  8. I would love to win a Tula because we have baby #3 coming in about a month. A second carrier would come in very handy!

  9. I would love to win a Tula because I’ve heard amazing things about them! We are a very active family and it would be wonderful to be able to use this with my youngest. Thanks for the chance!

  10. My 11 month old loves to be worn now more than ever. Thank goodness for the extra help holding all 22 lbs of him!

    SN: this is one of my all-time favorite patterns!

  11. I would love a Tula because I have heard they are really comfortable. We do a lot of babywearing and comfort is a must. I would love to try it out from everything I have heard

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