34 Week Pregnancy Update

34 weeks! I am getting so close to holding Baby Sister! I can’t believe she could be here in less than 6 weeks. It seems like I was just finding out I was pregnant. Everything is just about ready for Baby Sister, but I know she is not ready yet. Because Bunny arrived at 37 weeks I am nervous Baby Sister will come early as well. I am not having any contractions or any reason to worry about this, but I am still worried. We are so close I don’t want her to come too early. 36 weeks is my first goal, after that every week is great! I would be happy if Baby Sister stayed in until 40 weeks. Baby Sister is still head down yay! She is kicking and moving a lot. I can watch my womb move all throughout the day. I don’t do a kick count because she moves so much all the time. I am feeling very big and heavy but thats to be expected.

Bunny and I have been watching short birth videos together. I start watching them and Bunny comes over to see what is it. It is very cute because Bunny thinks the mom is pooping out Baby Sister and as soon as the baby is out, Bunny asks to hold her. Bunny tries to grab the baby out of the screen. I think she will be a very good big sister. I am excited to have Baby Sister naturally and hope all goes well with her birth.

I am currently craving chicken tortilla soup but can’t seem to make the exact soup I want. There is only one restaurant that serves my specific soup and its not feasible to eat there at every meal, darn it! That is the only craving right now.

I am so excited to hold Baby Sister in a few short weeks! Time is flying, I can’t believe there will actually be a baby here soon! I was so excited to get pregnant and go through the pregnancy journey, setting up Baby Sisters room and preparing for a natural birth that I haven’t fully registered there will be a baby here soon! I am starting to realize this. A baby. A new little one. I am excited but am also starting to get a bit nervous! I want to give both my girls all my attention. We shall see how well I can do!


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