33 Week Pregnancy Update

I am still feeling pretty good. Not ready for Baby Sister to arrive yet. My feet don’t hurt every day, which is nice. I am feeling pretty big but know I will get bigger. That doesn’t seem possible but it will happen! I feel Baby Sister move so much now. She has big kicks and wiggles. It is very different than the way I felt Bunny move. My Love has felt Baby Sister move way more than he ever felt Bunny move. I love to watch my belly move all over the place. I have tried to record it but Baby Sister likes to move at night when it is dark. When I try to record my belly moving I have to turn on some lights and Baby Sister doesn’t like that, she stops moving. My Love and I spent a good 10 minutes watching my belly move all over the other night. It is pretty neat to see! I put two more freezer meals together this past week, bringing my total up to 21 freezer meals. I don’t know if I will do any more freezer meals or if I am good with this number. I want to be prepared! I have all of my supplies for birth and postpartum, at least I think I do. I have almost everything completed in Baby Sister’s room. I would like My Love to build a few shelves in her room, but that doesn’t have to be done asap. I am nesting a ton. Cleaning a little bit each and every day. Today I am washing all the blankets in the house. Sometimes my nesting doesn’t make sense to anyone but me! 🙂 We still don’t have a name for Baby Sister yet, but I know we will as soon as she is born. I love being pregnant and being able to give both my babies all my attention. I am trying to soak up this special time with Bunny before Baby Sister is here. I can’t wait to meet Baby Sister but want her to stay in for at least 3 more weeks! Maybe she’ll surprise us all and stay in past 40 weeks!


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