32 Week Pregnancy Update

One week closer to meeting Baby Sister! I am feeling pretty good! My feet are pretty sore at the end of the day, especially if I have been on them a lot that day. Baby Sister is head down which is GREAT! Bunny was breech, I am not 100% sure if she was breech the last trimester or just for her birth, but I am pretty sure she was never head down. The sensations I am feeling with Baby Sister and MUCH different than what I felt with Bunny. With this pregnancy I am feeling the “bowling ball” sensation I have heard so many moms talk about. I never felt that with Bunny. I now am feeling super heavy low on my belly and waddle a little bit more. I waddle more when I am tired or achey. I can feel Baby Sister moving a ton. I feel her punching or stretching near the bottom of my womb. I feel her little kicks up at the top of my womb. I feel her whole body stretching. I have felt her baby hiccups. I don’t remember feeling hiccups with Bunny. When I was pregnant with Bunny most of her movement was up near my ribs. I now know that was her head and hands moving. Bunny liked to sit side to side in my womb instead of up and down. The stretches I felt from Bunny were on my sides, but with Baby Sister I am feeling stretches from top to bottom. It is very neat!  When I was pregnant with Bunny I thought I was superpregnantwoman because I didn’t have any aches and pains. Now I know it was her positioning! A breech baby is VERY different than a head down baby!

I have been nesting A LOT this past week. I rearranged Baby Sisters room. I have cleaned little areas of our house that very desperately needed it. My Love is enjoying this and is very, very helpful when I need his help. He is taking advantage of my nesting, as he should! I am almost completely done with Baby Sisters room, which is exciting! I only have a couple more things to do to it, mainly decorations. I made two more freezer meals, bringing my total up to nineteen! I am two meals closer to my goal of third freezer meals. We shall see how close I get! I have been drinking four glasses of red raspberry leaf tea every day and taking vitamin c. Hopefully that helps us to carry this baby past 37 weeks.


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