31 Week Pregnancy Update

Today was a little bit of an exciting/nervous day! I have been going on bike rides all throughout my pregnancy. Yesterday I was being silly and holding a ball while riding my bike. I hit the front brake instead of the rear brake and fell off my bike a little bit. I landed on my hands and feet and felt fine. Baby Sister didn’t move as much as she normally does throughout the night, so we took a trip to labor and delivery this morning to monitor her and make sure she is doing okay. Baby Sister looks perfect! She has a lot of fluid in there and is still head down YAY! I am hopeful she will stay head down throughout this pregnancy. Only 9 weeks left OH MY GOODNESS! I am starting to get all the ingredients together to make freezer meals. I would love to have about a months worth of meals in my freezer for after the birth. I know My Love will be home to cook, but I was so unprepared with Bunny, I want to make sure I am absolutely prepared this time! I do know friends and family members will drop off meals as well, but having some meals ready to cook in the freezer makes me feel better.

Other than my little biking mishap, I am feeling great. I am starting to get tired around 5 pm every night. The third trimester exhaustion is setting in. I don’t nap when Bunny naps because when I do that, I can’t sleep at night. I am going to bed pretty early, around 9:30 or 10. I normally stay up until 11 or midnight to spend time with My Love. This mama can’t stay awake that late anymore! I am hungry all the time now. I remember being hungry like this with Bunny. I can’t believe this pregnancy is almost over. It is very bittersweet to me. I love being pregnant and want to stay this way forever, but I also want to meet, snuggle, love and grow with my sweet little baby. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms!

Bunny is loving all things baby. She is very nurturing to her baby dolls. When we see a real baby in public, Bunny wants to hold them and play with them. I will definitely have to keep my eye on Bunny when Baby Sister is here. I know Bunny will want to love on her sister, but too much love could be a bad thing at this stage! Bunny and I have started talking about sharing milk with Baby Sister. Bunny knows one breast is for her and one is for Baby Sister. I am excited and nervous to see how tandem nursing goes. It will be an adventure that is for sure!



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