30 Week Pregnancy Update

I am 30 weeks pregnant. Holy cow! When did that happen? It seems like there is so little time left, but still so much longer to go. I am feeling really good. I’m that weird person who loves being pregnant, remember? Baby Sister is moving a lot these days. I don’t have to do a kick count every day because she moves so much. I am feeling different movement with Baby Sister than I did with Bunny, which makes me hopeful Baby Sister is in the correct head down position. At my last appointment my midwife said Baby Sister was head down but not engaged, which is great at this point! We still don’t have a name for Baby Sister. I have a few I like, but My Love doesn’t commit to names easily. Funny we got engaged after 6 weeks of dating, but committing to a name takes him a whole 9 months! I don’t have one specific name that pops out to me either. I knew what I wanted Bunny’s name to be, but with Baby Sister I don’t have one specific name.

I am loving this stage of pregnancy right now. I love that I can feel Baby Sister moving all day and night. I love how safe and snuggled she is. I feel like I am giving her 24/7 attention and comfort while also giving Bunny all the attention and comfort she needs. I selfishly wish things could stay like this forever. I know once Baby Sister is here I will have to split my time. It makes me a little sad to think about that. I love both of my babies and want to give them everything all the time. I think that will be the hardest part of having two children, is not having mommy guilt about how my time is spent. I know there will be times when each child needs my undivided attention. I hope I can be a good mommy to two babies!

Look! I cleaned my mirror! 🙂


A fun comparison picture. Me with Bunny on the left, me with Baby Sister on the right.


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1 thought on “30 Week Pregnancy Update”

  1. You look really good! And that is probably the most common worry for 2nd time moms. It just all works out. Sometimes you give undivided attention to one but a lot of times they share the time. You’ll be great!

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