30 Days To A Stronger Child Parenting Book Review

Bunny is slowly turning into a child. At 3 she is still pretty little and is learning about the world around her. I try to foster her growth and show her how the world should be. I want her to grow up to be confident, strong, selfless when needed and selfish when needed. I want Bunny to grow up to be a good person. I know I am setting the foundation for her life right now. I KNOW the teenage years will be hard on her. Life is hard. I want Bunny to learn how to deal with life in a good way. This sounds like a lot to undertake, but isn’t this what every parent wants for their child?

When I heard about a book, 30 Days To A Stronger Child, I was very interested in learning more. I have read through the book, it does not take long at all. This book is a GREAT resource for any parent. Bunny is still a little young to fully grasp everything in this book but an older child, around 5 years old, all the way to an adult would greatly benefit from this book.

30 Days To A Stronger Child is a resource for parents to help them talk, connect and learn with their children. The book is broken up into 5 sections with 6 lessons. The 5 sections are Social, Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional and Physical. Each section has 6 lessons which go into depth about that particular section. For example under Social there is a respect lesson. This helps you and your child learn what respect is, how to gain it and be respectful and how to use it in your everyday life. In each lesson there are 4 sections which are Educate, Communicate, Nurture and Empower.

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I really enjoy that in each lesson you learn exactly what that word means and then it is brought into a real life context. That is the educate part. Then you talk to your child about what you just read and there are some discussion questions if you do not know exactly what to say. Next you have the nurture part where help your child specifically grasp what it is you are talking about. There are a couple of suggested activities which are great to follow or you can create your own. Finally there is the empower part where you show your child how to practice and embrace this lesson.

I really love how these lessons are laid out. There is an outline with specifics. You can stick to exactly what the book says or customize it to your child and the situation. I love this because sometimes it is hard to communicate with others. Sometimes we NEED it written out in front of us before we can communicate effectively. 30 Days To A Stronger Child is perfect for a strained relationship, a new relationship or the perfect relationship and anything in between.

Bunny is 3 years old. She wouldn’t fully understand everything in these lessons but I can still do some of this with her. Like respect. I can talk to her about how we show respect by listening to each other. One of our big things in our house is acknowledging when someone has spoken to you. A simple yes, okay or I got it works! We talk about how it is respectful to listen and respond so the other person knows you have heard them. How does it make her feel when I do not respond to her? As she gets older we can expand upon this and learn more about respect every day. I love that 30 Days To A Stronger Child helps parents and children to see that these lessons are often a two way street.

A lesson can be as short as a few minutes or as long as an hour. It is all up to you and your child or children. I really love how 30 Days To A Stronger Child gets us interacting and playing with out children. They learn the most when they play and act things out. I love that 30 Days To A Stronger Child helps foster a talking relationship. This is what I want for my children, to be able to talk to them anytime about anything. I think 30 Days To A Stronger Child will help parents and children achieve this.

Right now the kindle version of 30 Days to a Stronger Child is $6.99. If you would prefer a hard copy, like myself, you can purchase it online for $18.27.

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  1. It’s a great book. I really liked the emotional section of this book. t has really helped me and my child to connect with each other.I will highly recommend it for all parents.

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