3 Easy Paper Plate Holiday Crafts

Tis’ the season for crafts around here! My 4 year old is crazy about crafts right now. With a baby, a toddler and a preschooler, I do not have time for in depth, fancy crafts. We had some paper plates laying around from a huge family gather and my daughter was insisting we do a craft. I pulled those plates out, grabbed our box of paint and got creative! I had everything for these crafts on hand, minus the cotton balls. I loathe cotton balls. The texture makes my skin crawl.

Paper Plate Santa

Santa is everywhere this time of year. My kids wanted to add a Santa (or two or three or twenty) to our house.

Start with a paper plate.

Add some glue to the outer circle. Place cotton balls on top of the glue.

Add eyes, a nose and a mouth. Allow the glue to dry. While the glue is drying take a piece of paper and paint it red. You can also use a red piece of construction paper. Once the paint is dry, cut out a hat for santa. On the tip you can glue another cotton ball. Once all the glue is dry on the cotton balls, glue the hat onto Santa’s head.

Paper Plate Tree

My kids love decorating trees. They could not wait to make their own. One was not enough. I now have a forest of Christmas Trees. The paper plate tree is perfect because they can make as many as they would like!

Start with a paper plate and paint one side of it green.




When the paint is dry, cut the plate in half. Take one half and cut it in half again.


Arrange the pieces on top of each other. Glue them together.

Now decorate! Add any decoration you would like. This time we went with glitter glue.

Paper Plate Wreath

Every house needs a wreath! (Or two or three or twenty. Do you see a pattern here?)

Start with a paper plate. I have the ones with an inner and outer circle. These work well for crafts.

Paint the outer rim green. Place the green paint in the center of the plate and paint the outer rim green.

Allow the paint to dry then cut out the inner circle.

Add sparkles, pom poms, anything you would like!

Decorate the house, give them as gifts! Everyone loves them! Make sure to put your child’s name and the year on the back so you always know when they made these masterpieces!


What do you think?