29 Week Pregnancy Update

EEK! 29 Weeks! I am getting so close to Baby Sister being here! This past week I have painted her room, moved her baby furniture into her room, and started washing her clothes. My Love did all the heavy lifting and moving, thank you to him! I don’t know why (sure I do, its nesting time!) but I have this strong urge, almost NEED, to have her room completed within a week or two. My Love doesn’t understand it and thinks I am silly. He tells me he doesn’t know why its such a big deal when Baby Sister will be sleeping in our room for the first year! Which is true. But she still needs a place to store her clothes and a room to call her own right?! Don’t try to reason with a pregnant woman, especially about baby’s room!!!

I am feeling pretty good. Starting to feel huge. I am about the same size as I was during my pregnancy with Bunny. I often get comments on how big I am, but I am used to it now. I grow my babies outward! I am sleeping better and am enjoying getting a full nights rest. I have limited my liquids around bedtime and only get up once or twice a night to use the restroom. Bunny sleeps through the night, I am thankful for the sleep I am able to get. I know once Baby Sister is here I will be up often! No complaints so far about this pregnancy. I feel Baby Sister moving all the time! I love it. I am looking forward to the last 11 weeks of my pregnancy and looking forward to having a natural birth. It will be a new experience for me! (Bunny was a c-section.)


Please excuse my dirty mirror. I will clean it before next weeks photo!


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