28 Week Pregnancy Update

Hello third trimester! It is still crazy to think I am officially now in the third trimester! We had an appointment today and the midwife is guessing baby is about 3 pounds. Holy cow! I start seeing the midwife every 2 weeks now! I can’t believe we are already at this point! Time is passing by so quickly. I am still loving being pregnant. I can feel baby sister move all the time. I can actually feel her body and know where she’s laying most of the time. Midwife says she is head down, but I know that doesn’t mean a whole lot right now. She is still small enough to move all over all the time. I am hoping she stays head down, or is head down when she is born. Even if she’s not, I plan to deliver her naturally. Breech babies are fine by me! My pelvis is actually feeling really good. I don’t know what I am doing differently, if anything, but I feel great. Sleep is elusive, but I am starting to get used to that. I love being pregnant and hope to keep this baby inside until at least 40 weeks. We will see if she has other plans!


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