26 Weeks Pregnant

Nothing too exciting happened this week. Baby is growing and moving around like crazy! He moves all day and night. I love the feeling. He is getting pretty powerful. I feel like he must be a giant at this point! I am hoping he is head down, I will find out at my next appointment in a few weeks.

Sleeping is sort of getting better. I am so tired I am actually falling asleep. Staying asleep is a different matter. I wake up on my back a lot and have to move to a side. On my side my arm falls asleep. Oh the joys of pregnancy sleep! We are going to a wedding soon and staying in a hotel. I am not looking forward to sleeping in a different bed. I like my bed. With all my many, many pillows.

I am still nursing, but there is no milk. He is nursing less and less. I am hopeful that he can nurse through it until my milk comes in. I hope he doesn’t lose the ability to suck during these weeks of no milk. Only time will tell.

What do you think?