25 Weeks Pregnant

Another week has gone by. It feels like this pregnancy is going by so fast! I am more than halfway through. It is hard to believe. Baby has been moving around a lot. I love it. I can’t wait to hold my baby but I also love being pregnant. And thinking about this being my last pregnancy makes me love it just a little bit more. I also feel bad because I am not able to write in my pregnancy journal as much as I did with my other pregnancies. I am also pretty bad about taking my weekly photos. This week I completely forgot, but I did get a quick photo in a restaurant bathroom. Oops. Sorry baby! I never thought things would be different the more kids I had, but it seems to be true! I love you just as much as my other four kiddos!

I have noticed I am having a bit of colostrum now, which is great! It is not enough to make a huge difference, but it makes me happy to know my body is on the right track. Hopefully soon my toddler will be happily drinking milk again.

This week I noticed how HUGE I really am! My 6 year old gave me a hug and announced that she could no longer touch my back. She told me she used to be able to hug me all the way around but she can not do that anymore. My belly is getting BIG!

Baby is moving all around! I am measuring at 26 weeks, which is not surprising to me. I have big babies. I am anticipating an 11 pound baby. No big deal 🙂

It is time to test my blood sugar again. I do not drink that sugary gross drink. Instead, I am testing my blood sugar 4 times a day. When I first wake up, and 2 hours after each meal. Which is a tad difficult right now because I either feel like I want to eat everything all day long, or I feel like I never want to eat again. This makes having a meal three times a day a tad difficult. Some days I eat, eat, eat, other days I eat because I have to. Isn’t pregnancy fun?!

What do you think?