24 Weeks Pregnant

Viability! This means if baby is born now he has a real chance of survival. This is a huge goal to meet in a pregnancy. I hope baby stays inside until 40 weeks. But 24 weeks is a great week to pass!

Sleeping is pretty great this week. It is funny how it changes week to week! I am able to use a lot of pillows to prop myself up and sleep semi reclined on my back. It feels great! I see a chiropractor every few weeks and LOVE being able to lay on my stomach with their fancy pillows. It’s the little things I miss when I am pregnant. Like sleeping on my stomach. Or sleeping all night long without having to get up to pee. Sigh. But I know I will miss being pregnant when baby is here.

My milk has not started to come back in yet. I am a little bummed. I hope toddler and I can make it through the no milk phase. His latch is starting to get sloppy. He has no incentive to have a good latch. Come on milk! Make an appearance! I hope we can push through and reach the other side. I know tandem nursing is incredibly helpful with my engorgement. I would love to be able to tandem nurse again. Only time will tell.

What do you think?