24 Week Pregnancy update

Everything is going great! I am 24 weeks, which is viability! That means if the baby came today, the neonatal unit would fight for her life. I do NOT want her to be born anytime soon, but it is exciting to know that if anything happened our baby would be cared for. I took my diabetes glucose test and passed! I ate 50 jellybeans instead of drinking the yucky drink. Eating jellybeans was much, MUCH better than drinking the drink! My jaw was tender while I was eating the jellybeans. 50 is a lot to chew! Baby girl is moving around so much! I love to feel her kicks and punches. She moves mostly at night, which I love. Her kicks comfort me and lull me to sleep. My Love has not felt her move yet, but my mom has! We haven’t decided on a name yet, but we have three in mind. I am still growing and loving my pregnant belly. I am eating a TON more now and really  have an appetite. The weirdest things, for me, are sounding and tasting good. I am eating chips, which is something I rarely ever eat! Hummus is tasting good again. When I first got pregnant hummus tasted disgusting, but is something I love to eat. I am glad hummus is tasting delicious again! Between the three of us, we went through a huge container of hummus in one day! Yum!


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