23 Weeks Pregnant

Baby is definitely making his appearance! He is moving around all the time. I love feeling him move. I am hungry and want to eat everything. I hate breakfast food and tend to eat a huge turkey avocado sandwich for breakfast. My husband thinks this is funny. I think it is yummy!

My toddler only slept through the night for a few nights. Now he is back to waking up a bunch throughout the night. Sleep is touch and go for me. Some nights it is great, some nights not so great. I’m getting ready for a newborn ha.

My toddler is still nursing. I know my milk is gone, I am hoping it starts to show up again around 24 weeks. He nurses, milk or no milk. I am okay with him nursing for comfort. I hope we can nurse through the no milk phase!

I am excited to hit the 24 week mark next week. Viability baby! I did not take a good photo this week, some weeks it happens! It is hard to take a photo without clutter or a kid or two in the background 🙂

What do you think?