23 Week Pregnancy Update

23 weeks already! Where has the time gone? I am still feeling great most of the time. I am getting very hungry at night but nothing sounds good still. I also don’t want to eat super unhealthy foods late at night so I normally grab a protein bar. I am still struggling with sleep. I am uncomfortable and have to pee every hour or so. My feet are starting to hurt at the end of the day. Other than that, I feel great haha! Bunny nurses 2-3 times a day, and that is going well. I think my milk is starting to transition over to colostrum. Bunny doesn’t seem to mind. I have no intention of weaning her, I will let her wean on her own. I am almost 100% positive Bunny has felt the baby kick. I have felt her kick from the outside a couple of times. I have been able to record a couple videos of her kicking. It is so neat! My Love hasn’t been able to feel her kick yet. It took him a long time with Bunny as well. I am getting very excited about the birth of this baby. I hope this birth is everything I hoped for and more! I had a c section with Bunny and am very hopeful I can have an all natural, unmedicated birth with this baby. Heres to hoping!


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