22 Weeks Pregnant

I am getting bigger. It is getting harder to move around. I am like a turtle stuck on my shell! When I lay down I have to roll to get up. I have no stomach muscles! Like I had any before ha! 🙂 I have been seeing a chiropractor for a few weeks and it is extremely helpful. If you have any kind of bone pain during pregnancy, definitely check with your ob or midwife, then see a chiropractor. They are amazing! Make sure you find a chiropractor who knows what they are doing, who works on pregnant ladies. You do not want a newbie or someone who does not know what they are doing.

Sleeping is starting to get better. My toddler has started sleeping through the night! Not just 5 hours, but all night long! It has been marvelous to be able to sleep! I do get up to pee a few times a night, but I go back to sleep immediately. My toddler has only slept all night long twice, but it is a start! I made the mistake of cleaning, which was too loud, the other night and woke him up. I guess from now on, once the babies are in bed I need to relax and enjoy the peace and quiet!

Baby is moving a lot. I love feeling him move! I have felt a few kicks or punches from the outside, but it doesn’t happen often. My husband has not been able to feel the movement yet. I know baby is still small and has a lot of time to grow. Pretty soon everyone will be able to feel the baby kick!

What do you think?