22 Week Pregnancy Update

Not much has changed. I am still pregnant and loving it. Bunny had her first fever today so we spent most of the day cuddling and napping. Bunny loves her baby sister and knows she’s in my womb. Bunny nurses a few times a day. I don’t have any complaints with that. My nipples are very tender, but that is most likely because I am 22 weeks pregnant. 🙂 2 more weeks until baby is viable! I am very excited for My Love to feel this baby move. He has tried a few times but, of course, every time she is moving and My Love tries to feel it, she stops. Bunny did the same thing. I know it is way too early to tell, and she has a ton of room still, but I hope beyond hope this baby is head down when she needs to be.

My feet are starting to become achey and tired. I am waddling all the time now. I don’t have any cravings other than water, but that is not a pregnancy craving. I am hungry a lot now, especially at night. But nothing sounds good. I am trying to enjoy what little sleep I am getting now. I am having a hard time getting comfortable in bed, and I wake up to pee way too many times at night. But I know the amount of sleep I am getting now is going to look like a vacation compared to the sleep I will (or won’t) get when baby arrives. I am so excited for baby’s arrival! I am hoping she stays in as long as possible!


What do you think?