21 Weeks Pregnant

Not much has changed from last week. I am growing, baby is growing. I do not feel sick anymore. I want to eat, yes! I have finally gained some weight. Sleeping is difficult. I am a stomach sleeper and that is not possible anymore. I am able to sleep on my stomach if I pile the bed with pillows. I co sleep with my toddler which means I have to pile the pillows far away from him. I am able to sleep on my pillow mound for an hour or two each night. I do love to use it to prop my back and neck up so I can sleep on my stomach. Since I have such a hard time falling asleep I am listening to Hypnobabies. I listen to a few tracks to fall asleep and it works wonders! I am able to fall asleep and stay asleep. It is so nice to get a little bit of sleep now and then!

Baby is growing, my belly is growing! I am preparing for a big baby, again. My second and third babies were over 10 pounds. What can I say, I make big babies! No need for newborn clothes! We barely use 0-3 month clothing! I can not wait to have another little baby in my arms!

I had a much needed massage this week! If you are pregnant and on the fence about getting a prenatal massage, do it. It is the absolute best. Find a place that has the special pillows to allow you to lay on your front. My belly was supported and it felt AMAZING to lay on my front again!

What do you think?