20 Weeks Pregnant

I am halfway through my pregnancy! I can not believe it! I am happy and sad. I am half way to meeting my baby, but I am also half way through my LAST pregnancy. I want this pregnancy to last forever, but I do want my baby at the end! I don’t want to rush this pregnancy. I am very thankful I know this is my last pregnancy so I can savor it.

I am huge. I am getting comments about my size. Super awesome right?! I have dealt with this throughout my three other pregnancies, so I am used to it. I do carry all out. I look, at 20 weeks pregnant, the same as some women who are ready to give birth. However, I still have a long way to go and I will grow so much. I am contemplating telling people I am having triplets when they ask if I am having twins. Because it is NEVER okay to comment on anyones size, even if they are visibly pregnant.

I have started to waddle. The waddle is real. The bathroom breaks are real too. I. Pee. So. Much. I did not realize I could pee this much. How did I forget about the amount of time I spend in the bathroom during pregnancy?! I am up and down all night. I have to pee when I arrive at a store AND before I leave. I guess this means I am drinking enough fluids!

I am finally hungry. All the time. I can tell baby is growing. A lot! I wouldn’t be surprised if I have an eleven pound baby. My last baby was ten pounds twelve ounces. An eleven pound baby is not unrealistic.

We had our anatomy scan. From what I could tell, baby looks great! He has all his parts. And he is still a he. My teen was amazed at the amount of detail on the ultrasound. For the anatomy scan part the whole family came. My teen, my husband and the three littles. The ultrasound technician saw us and said, “Only one person can come in to start with. I will come out for the rest of you later.” Ha! My husband has seen these before so he stayed in the waiting room with the little ones. My teen came in and got to see everything. It was fun to see her face and her amazement. It is a baby! You can see his hands! His feet! His face! It was pretty awesome.

Baby was breech and transverse, which means he was laying bum down, head up (breech), and across my belly, side to side (transverse). While it is still early, and most babies flip from breech to head down multiple times, I am nervous he won’t flip. From what I can remember, my two head down babies were NEVER breech during any of my ultrasounds. My breech baby was breech during every ultrasound. I am mentally preparing myself for a breech birth. Luckily I have done a TON of research on breech birth, and my midwife delivers breech. No cesarian section here! There is still a ton of time for him to flip. We will see where he is as we get closer to baby day!

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