20 week Pregnancy update

We had an appointment today! The doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat on the doppler so she grabbed the ultrasound machine. Baby is doing great! We have our anatomy scan in a few days, but today the doctor asked us if we want to find out the gender now. I said Heck Yes! I didn’t have a full bladder so we did not get a super good look. But the doctor said she didn’t see anything so that most likely means we are having a girl!!! I am super excited! I totally thought this baby was a boy! I am so happy for a girl!!! I love this baby so much! We are waiting to tell family until we have our anatomy scan just to make sure, and because some of our family will be there for the ultrasound. We want it to be a semi surprise! Everything looks good, I am feeling great and doing well! We are halfway through this pregnancy, crazy! If this baby comes early like Bunny did, then we are more than half way through. Time is flying!

photo 4

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