1Q, A REAL Way To Earn Money

These says, we’re all trying to find a way to earn a bit of extra income. Some people become product testers (visit kress testerheld to find out more), others start blogging, a few turn their hobby into a side business, the list goes on. And now, there is an app called 1Q that basically gives you free money!

1Q is an application you can download on most phones. It is not a scam. I have been a member for a while now, maybe over a year. 1Q is a company that asks questions and pays you for every answer. They are small surveys. Some examples of the questions are, How many times a week do you go shopping? How many cars do you own? Are you the main decision maker of the family? You get paid 25-50 cents per question. If your first question meets the requirements for the survey you will be asked an additional question. You get paid per question. If you answer two questions, you get paid twice. Payment is sent immediately via paypal. 1Q has started sending me more questions recently and I have made about $20 in the past few months. It is not a ton of money, but it is real money. There is no scam here. I often get asked how to make money from home. 1Q is a way to make a bit of money legitimately. You do have to answer the questions within a few minutes. The questions will expire. They typically expire within 10 minutes. I do not know if there is a time limit or if the question disappears once so many users have answered it. Either way, when 1Q sends me a notification I immediately open the app and answer the question.

You can sign up for 1Q by visiting the link below


When I joined 1Q I could only do so by referral. They do not always allow users to refer people so I would sign up ASAP!

How does it work?

“It’s simple. Companies use 1Q to send targeted market research questions or marketing offers/coupons to our members. Members receive these questions/offers, on their mobile phones via text or through the 1Q mobile app. Once members respond to the question OR offer, they instantly receive cash directly into their PayPal account. Companies in turn get instant, data rich, real-time results from their target demographics without having the delay or cost of traditional marketing or market research.”

How do I answer questions?

“Easy. You get questions straight to your mobile phone. There’s two ways to get questions: through our 1Q mobile app OR via text message. You will never get questions from 1Q via email. Just remember, you have the ability to earn more when you download the 1Q app to your smartphone. Just visit your local App Store.”

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