19 Weeks Pregnant

I am almost at the half way point! How quickly time has passed me by. I am huge. I am getting to the point where people will start asking me if I am going to go into labor while shopping, or if I am having twins. I got it a lot with my other pregnancies. I know it is coming with this one!

Sleeping is difficult. Bug nurses throughout the night. Between him and the baby inside of me, I am not getting a ton of sleep. I am lucky I am able to nap with Bug during the early morning hours when my husband is home. That is my best sleeping time, morning nap.

I am not nauseated at all anymore. No cravings either. If I do have them they are a daily thing and do not last longer than one day. I still love eating food other people prepare for me rather than the food I prepare. I am trying to drink a lot of water daily. Which means I am also peeing a lot throughout the day. The joys of pregnancy!

I am actually enjoying my pregnancy immensely. We get to do our anatomy scan next week, I am excited to see our baby. See how big he is and all of his body parts. It is a miracle, the process of a baby growing. I love experiencing this miracle. I look forward to meeting our baby, but I also love feeling baby move and grow inside me.

What do you think?