18 Weeks Pregnant

Baby boy is moving like crazy. I am so excited we are having a boy! We still have to think of a name, which is definitely the hard part. My husband does not like to commit to a name until I am in labor. I do not have any boy names that I love this time around. It will be a challenge, that is for sure.

I am feeling pretty great. My morning sickness is gone. I have moments of not feeling good, but that is normally when I know I need to eat. Nothing sounds good, I am having a hard time wanting to eat. Thinking of dinner ideas is a challenge for me. I normally try to prepare a well balanced meal every night, veggies, protein, fruit, carbs. Some days its pasta with veggies on the side and cut up apples. But hey, the kiddos love it, even the teen. I think they were getting tired of me trying new recipes. Now they are getting things that are easy to prepare and meals I know they will eat. I am not going to cook if nobody is going to eat it! Cheese ravioli is one of my favorite things to eat right now. It is not a craving, but it is something that is not labor intensive and always tastes good.

My milk supply has taken a hit. I do not feel full anymore, which I know does not mean I do not have milk. However, Bug has started taking a sippy cup of water to bed with him. He will nurse, not get a lot of milk, drink from his sippy cup then go back to nursing. Nursing is mostly a comfort thing for him right now, which is 100% okay with me. As long as he wants to keep nursing, I will respect his wishes. I know my milk will come in full force soon and he will be a happy camper. Tandem nursing when baby is born is incredibly helpful. Having Bug nurse when I am engorged will help my comfort level in the first week or so after baby is born.

Sleep is starting to become difficult. Baby is big enough that I can feel his weight when I lay on my back. I am still laying on my back, although I can not do it for very long. I do use a TON of pillows to prop me up. My back, my legs, my head. Pillows are pregnant woman’s best friend!

I am looking forward to my anatomy scan in a few weeks! All four of my kiddos are super excited to get to see the baby! They can’t wait until they can feel the baby moving. I have felt a few jabs and kicks, nothing consistent and nothing that can be felt from the outside. Soon, soon this baby will be kicking up a storm!

What do you think?