17 Weeks Pregnant

These weeks are passing quickly! I am loving feeling the baby move. I still have not felt any kicks or punches, but I am definitely feeling baby move. We should have our test results back this week, is this baby a boy or a girl?! I vote for boy based on how I have been feeling. This feels like another boy pregnancy to me. My teen wants a boy, I would like another boy, but would also love a girl if that is what this baby is. I am excited to have a baby!

I am feeling much better. My morning sickness has gone away almost completely. I don’t recall when my morning sickness went away with Bug, but I feel like it lasted a while longer than this. Maybe I am not able to focus on my morning sickness as much because, four kids. There is not a lot of time to sit and wallow. My kiddos keep me busy and I love it. Winter break is upon us and we are enjoying all the time together.

My belly is getting bigger every day. I take a picture weekly. Some weeks I feel like my belly is smaller, and some weeks it looks bigger. I can definitely tell baby is getting bigger. I can feel the weight of baby, pushing on my bladder and moving all around. Cravings are not really here. I will eat anything as long as I don’t have to prepare it. When it comes to making food, nothing sound great. If it is placed in front of me, I will eat it.

I am so excited to find out the sex of our baby! What is your guess, boy or girl?!

What do you think?