16 Weeks Pregnant

16 weeks! I had my home birth midwife appointment this week. It always amazes me how different my home birth midwife appointments are. They are not rushed, not clinical. While she does check my urine, blood pressure, heart rate, baby’s heart and everything else, she also takes the time to talk to me, check in with me and see how I am doing. It is nice to be listened to. To have someone who actually cares, not just checking off the boxes on their list.

I am feeling a lot better, I am finally over my sickness. Now that it is gone, my nausea has returned. Sigh. I can’t win. This REALLY makes me think this baby is a boy. I felt wonderful with my girls, and with my boy I felt terrible most of the time. Hopefully soon the nausea will go away! I would love a boy or a girl. A boy would be nice to start evening out our ratio. We have three girls and a boy right now. My girls play with my boy just fine, and everyone would love a girl just as much as a boy. My youngest girl says she wants a sister because brothers are not fun! I think she just wants someone older, not a toddler who gets into everything! 

Breastfeeding is going well. I have not noticed a dip in my supply yet. I do know it will happen sooner or later. Hopefully Bug will nurse through it like Bunny and Baby Sister did. He nurses throughout the night and throughout the day. It is a comfort thing as much as it is a hunger thing. Since this is my last pregnancy I am 100% okay breastfeeding through it. 

My belly is getting BIG! I do not know if I am bigger this time around, or if it seems like it because this is my last pregnancy. I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy 100% of the time. Having 4 other kiddos makes it difficult sometimes. I do not have the time to sit and marvel at the miracle growing inside of me. When I do have a minute or two, I am in awe. I love feeling baby move around. I do not feel jabs or kicks yet, just a general movement of his whole body. I can not wait to share the feeling with my kiddos. My teen is super excited to be able to feel this baby move. She has felt all my babies move, but did not live with my for the duration of their pregnancies. This is my first pregnancy she is here to experience it from the day I had a positive test to the day this baby will be born, and beyond!

What do you think?